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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

CPSE Labs Sweden

Contact us about model-based engineering, integrated engineering environments, embedded systems and autonomous/connected machines.

CPSE Labs Sweden is hosted by KTH, the largest technical university in Sweden. Core activities related to CPSE Labs Sweden are driven by ICES (the Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems), a cross-disciplinary and networking centre at KTH, and by the Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems Unit at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. ICES includes 25 industrial partners and is strongly connected to innovation, research and educational initiatives in the Stockholm region.

CPSE Labs Sweden leads the Design Centres Work-Package, which involves strengthening the regional innovation networks and exchanging best practices among the CPSE Labs centres. CPSE Labs Sweden specialises in autonomous and connected machines that build upon the KTH Integrated Transport Research Lab vehicle platform (modular electrical vehicle) and reference architectures for autonomy developed in collaboration with industry (through several national projects).

Technology platforms

CPSE Labs Sweden supports AIDE - support tools for data integration in the engineering of CPS tool-chains. This platform addresses innovative approaches for creating tailored tool-chains for the engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems, in particular targeting data integration based on open standards (OSLC ) and open source software for code generation.

Funded experiments

You can see the funded experiments which are partnered with our Sweden design centre under CPSE Labs here.

  • Enabling efficient CPS tool chain integration. This experiment supports the uptake of standardized tool chain integration using OSLC among the European CPS players. This has several important positive effects, including helping users to solve the different tool chain integration challenges, allowing SMEs providing tools and niche products in the CPS domain to compete more effectively with large tool vendors, and boosting the establishment of a European ecosystem.
  • OPAVES (Open Platform for Autonomous VEhicle Systems). This experiment transfers CPS technology traditionally used in aerospace domain (and other domains that require high dependable systems) to the emerging domain of autonomous vehicle systems.
  • PLAMICS (Platform for Mixed Criticality Systems). This experiment reduces the gap between prototyping and deployment of cyber physical systems and creates and demonstrates a prototyping platform for mixed criticality, safety related and real-time, cyber-physical systems.


Our Expertise

  • Model-based engineering
  • Integrating engineering environments
  • Autonomous/connected machines
  • Mechatronics

Technology platforms

AIDE (Support tools for data integration in the engineering of CPS tool-chains)


Application Domains

We have experience in the following application domains:

  • Automotive
  • Production systems
  • Embedded systems

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Contact information

Fredrik Asplund
Brinellvägen 83
Tel: +46 8 7907405

Martin Törngren
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