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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

CPSE Labs Spain

Contact us about smart cities, internet of things (IoT), cloud services, autonomic computing for CPS, geospatial technologies, RFID integration, and software intensive product development and integration.

CPSE Labs in Spain aims to develop and provide an open CPS platform for building and deploying smart city services for the digital citizen. The centre will be hosted by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in its campuses in Madrid, specifically the Campus Sur and CEI Montegancedo. UPM and Indra Sistemas S.A. will manage and run the centre in close collaboration. UPM, the largest Technical University in Spain, contributes not only in those information technologies required to create smart cities including internet of the things (IoT), semantic modelling, cloud services, or autonomic computing, but also with a cross disciplinary perspective present in initiatives such as the City of the Future or the Campus of the Future. Indra Sistemas as a large engineering company, is involved in different initiatives around smart cities and has promoted the Sofia2 platform. At the Spanish design centre, developments will build on the SOFIA2 (Smart Objects for Intelligent Applications) architecture and technology, including IoT devices Interoperability, with a Big Data approach. CPSE Labs Spain provides an excellent innovation environment with dedicated research working groups and will solicit experiments in the area of Smart Cities.

Laboratories co-located with the CPSE Labs Spain Design Centre include:

  • The Smart-Grids/Smart Cities Interoperability laboratory, including smart grids equipment and access to the UPM Campus Sur Library (BUCS)
  • The Internet of Things Laboratory,
  • The Smart Software Factory Laboratory for CPSE global development

Platforms and technologies


SOFIA (Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications) is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform with real implementations in various sectors developed under an ARTEMIS project. SOFIA2 is:

  • Middleware that provides seamless interoperability between multiple devices and systems.
  • A semantic interoperability platform, which allows the exchange of information from the real world between smart applications (Internet of Things) to build composed services.
  • Offering an open source, multi-language and communications agnostic approach.
SOFIA has proved its effectiveness with more than 7 pilot projects, associated with application domains such as: smart cities, smart spaces; electric vehicles; domotics; video processing; energy efficiency; and tourism.

Read more about SOFIA2.

MindCPS Modelling Framework

The MindCPS (doMaIN moDel for Cyber-Physical Systems) Modelling Framework supports the development of CPS with constituent elements featuring both common and emerging behaviour.

Read more about MindCPS.

IoT Connectivity Platform

Solution for IoT based on a network of nodes with mesh topology that communicate through a Std.IEEE802.15.4 Physical Layer under a 6LowPAN over IPv6 to implement Link and Network Layers. The Transport Layer is UDP and the Application Layer is based on CoAP.

Read more about IoT Connectivity Platform.

Case studies

Our Spanish design centre has experience of working with a variety of organisations and businesses. Read some short case studies of previous work on these technology platforms below:

  • Smart Health applications. SOFIA2 has been used to create a variety of systems with various applications for the health sector; a selection of examples are described here, including systems deployed in Galician and in Toledo.
  • Port Logistics marketplace, Valparaíso. This is a trader integrated logistics services marketplace, available in the cloud for the entire business community and implemented using SOFIA2 in Valparaíso, Chile.
  • Smart Tourism. This platform was developed to allow local authorities in a smart to city understand and analyze the needs of visiting tourists; it's been deployed in a number of locations, including Rías Baixas Tourism, Coruña Smart City and DepoGAP (Asset Management of Province of Pontevedra).
  • Smart Retail. SOFIA2 was also used to build a smart retail demonstrator system.

Funded experiments

You can see the funded experiments which are partnered with our Spain design centre under CPSE Labs here.

  • IWESLA (Improving Water Efficiency and Safety in Living Areas). This experiment implements demand side CPS for optimizing water consumption efficiency and safety in living areas. The Sofia2 platform provides real-time data analysis of sensor data and autonomous real-time machine learning of user behaviour. Useage information is used to facilitate early detection of anomalous useage, and to support a consuption awareness applicaton.
  • CPS-PSAP112 (Drones, eCall and Cyber Physical Systems for Public Safety Answering Points 112). CPS-PSAP112 logoThis experiment introduces the next standardized eCall data in the management of critical accidents and the use of drones as a new source of information. The experiment is focused on the industrial domain of civil security (new domain where the Sofia2 platform had not previously been applied) and in particular the fields of emergency response and civil protection.
  • Smart Urbana (Enabling municipalities with CPS instruments and business models for digital transformation of real time data about urban processes into digital services for the community). This experiment creates a novel digital urban environment for local communities to enable transparency of local life, a rich and diverse set of information services to improve quality of life, and a simple, holistic and integrated vision of urban processes in real time. An urban model conforming to international standard ISO 37120 is used as initial template for the development of a detailed CPS model of each city taking part in the experiment, used to enable digital transformation of big data streams into diverse exploitation services for the city stakeholders.


Our Expertise

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Semantic modelling
  • Cloud services
  • Model driven engineering of CPS

Technology platforms


MindCPS IoT framework
IoT Connectivity Platform

Application Domains

We have experience in the following application domains:

  • Smart cities

Hosted at

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Indra Sistemas

Contact information

Jorge Rodríguez Vázquez
Indra Sistemas
Tel: +34 914805000

Juan Garbajosa
Technical University Madrid (UPM)
Tel: +34 913365081