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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

fortiss future factory

fortiss future factory (f++) is a setup comprising 13 different MPS production machines from Festo Didactic controlled via different types of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and microcontrollers. The production machines have been modified to allow for an arbitrary arrangement of them in a production line. In addition to 13 production machines, f++ comprises one mobile Robotino transportation robot from Festo Didactic. The mobile robot gives more freedom in the arrangement of the production machines and allows for a flexible establishment of line and cell productions or a mixture of both of them.

Each production machine poses a model describing its internal setup and the supported production steps. This model is provided on demand. Alongside to these machine descriptions the product plans are described in a machine independent way. Therefore, each product plan only describes the required production steps and their dependencies, but do not make any assignments of production steps to machines or machine groups.

To get individual production machines operating, f++ is equipped with a manufacturing execution system (MES). This MES gets informed about all available production machines and their arrangement with respect to each other. For an adequate view of the current production system, the available production machines are continuously checked and the resulting material flow automatically calculated. In addition, the MES collects the current orders. fortiss future factory technologyThe MES is then automatically able to schedule the production steps belonging to the orders flexible to the available production machines and trigger the manufacturing.

For a flexible production, the MES calculates the assigned production steps for a production machine. Out of these assigned steps, the MES automatically generates a suitable control program for the production station and downloads it on the fly. This allows using the production machines a flexible as possible.

Further reading

More information can be found on the fortiss future factory (f++) homepage.

You can also AUTOMATICA 2014 video of the prototype created in the AutoPnP case study.

Read more about this case study here.

fortiss future factory logo

using the f++ platform

using the f++ platform

using the f++ platform

Design centre

This platform is supported by our Germany South design centre.