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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

eMIR - eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform

eMIR is an open initiative of the German maritime industry for improving safety and efficiency in maritime transportation systems.

  • eMIR provides a framework for engineering, validation, verification, and demonstration of technological innovations as for new cooperation and process models.
  • eMIR supports user integration into the design process.
  • eMIR provides practical and empirical foundation for the development of international regulations and standards.
  • eMIR fosters a sustainable market position for vendors of maritime safety systems and components.

eMIR diagrammatic mapProviding a generic, open communication and service platform, eMIR connects industry strengths in surveillance and control technology to a smart demonstration platform. Furthermore, it allows research for better understanding of maritime systems and offers a powerful virtual and physical testbed for system/component development, verification and validation. Polymorphic, adoptable interfaces guarantee a fast configuration of demonstration environments and testbeds. eMIR combines the following demonstrators and services.


LABSKAUS logoLABSKAUS is a physical platform for research in better understanding of maritime transportation systems and e-Navigation, a testbed for design, development and testing of new surveillance and assistance systems and a demonstration environment to present the power and capabilities of new products and services. It provides services accessible by eMIR polymorphic interface concepts: a reference waterway from the mouth of the river Elbe to the Port of Hamburg, an experimental VTS-System, a mobile bridge system, the Research Port Bremerhaven.

Read more about LABSKAUS here.


HAGGIS logoHAGGIS is a modelling and open co-simulation environment to build virtual e-Navigation testbeds. Its purpose is rapid testing of new eMaritime technologies without the need to have equipment on high seas. To realize this for the whole diversity of eMaritime applications, HAGGIS consists of a number of modules that can be orchestrated for different applications. HAGGIS comes with a number of simulators: Maritime Traffic Simulation, Sensor Simulators, Environment Simulators, a cognitive human behaviour simulator.

Read more about HAGGIS here.

Futher reading

eMIR is an eco-system of maritime safety projects. These are research projects as well as reference demonstrations for maritime safety, logistics, environment surveillance or traffic management. More information can be found on the eMIR homepage.

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Design centre

This platform is supported by our Germany North design centre.