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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

CPSE Labs Germany North

Contact us for expertise in hardware and software co-design, E/E architectures, model-based safety and security and situational awareness.

The CPSE Lab Critical Maritime Systems Engineering will be hosted at the OFFIS institute in Oldenburg. The work will be carried in close cooperation with the German Association for Maritime Technologies (GMT), the industry cluster MARISSA (maritime safety and security applications), the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCNG) and regional industry and agencies. The German Center North will drive this incubation from the automative and aerospace sector into the maritime sector, a new high-tech growth market. Coming from paper based navigation in the last years the sector experiences growing electronic system integration of components and technologies enabling the development of innovative new products and services.

Technology platforms

CPSE Labs Germany North will leverage the e-Maritime Integrated Reference platform. eMIR has been initiated by leading maritime industrial companies and OFFIS. It is a 10 years initiative to build up:

  • mobile and stationary infrastructures
  • reference areas in North Sea Baltic Sea and channels
  • maritime services
  • communication technologies and solutions
  • measuring and monitoring systems
  • interoperability solutions for system integration and data exchange between systems

eMIR is a modular platform - incrementally build-up and funded via an eco-system of industry-driven R&I projects - to be used by maritime industry and esearch institutes for the accelerated development, testing and demonstration of new maritime technologies, products and services. Since eMIR is the official German open maritime innovation platform for the implementation of the National Masterplan Maritime Technologies of the German government, it is the ideal platform for broad transfer of CPS innovations into the maritime domain.

Get in touch with our Germany North design centre to chat about any aspect of this technology platforms and what it can offer for your business.

Funded experiments

You can see the funded experiments which are partnered with our Germany North design centre under CPSE Labs here.

  • MC PORTAL (A Maritime Cloud Portal).

    This experiment bridges previous technology gaps in the Maritime Cloud, a common open source and platform-neutral communications interface linking a broad range of service providers in the maritime domain. MC PORTAL provides a simplified web-based portal for managing users, ships, devices and systems and their authentication and authorization information, as well as managing the lifecycle of service specifications from incubation to retirement, and enabling registration of service instance and means for locating them by end users.

  • SBVP (Shore Based Voyage Planning).

    This experiment provides the foundation for a safe and efficient shore based voyage planning for SOLAS ships, using an approach to voyage preparation similar to that used in aviation. Shore based voyage calculation has the advantage of basically no bandwidth limitation and is partly (only weather and navigation) offered as a manual commercial service, executed by senior navigators.

  • SBB (Shore Based Bridge).

    This experiment makes extensive use of the physical testbed of the eMIR platform for the development of a SBB, and by this contributes to the improvement of the testbed in order to support the development of further future navigation solutions.

    SBB enables the on-shore navigation of an autonomous vessel by introducing a shore based e-NAV Station receiving a range of sensor data, enabling a navigator to ustilise multiple data feeds from the vessel for monitoring/navigation and updating the route/passage plan, which will be send automatically on board.


Our Expertise

  • Hardware & software co-design
  • E/E architectures
  • Model-based safety and security analysis
  • Situational Awareness

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Application Domains

We have experience in the following application domains:

  • Maritime

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