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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

PLAMICS (Platform for Mixed Criticality Systems)

Problem and solution

Prior to the experiment call, the KTH design centre identified a lack of open prototyping platforms for mixed criticality, i.e with separation of critical and non-critical computation. The PLAMICS experiment has produced a prototyping platform for mixed criticality, safety related and real-time cyber physical systems based on the open source Jailhouse hypervisor, Linux, FreeRTOS, the Eclipse IDE. Also, an inter-cell communications stack (ICC) was developed and integrated during the course of the project.

A demonstrator in the form of a balancing robot has been built based on the ARM-CPU BananaPi-M1. Retotech is a solutions competence company in the Embedded Linux domain, delivering customizable solutions, services and training to a wide range of customers in safety critical applications of CPS.

How did CPSE Labs Help?

Retotech had contemplated similar activities prior to the experiment, but being a small company, they could not risk an in-house development project on this scale without support. With CPSELabs providing the enabling financial support, the company can now exploit the business opportunities of the PLAMICS platform with significantly reduced risk during the development process.

In terms of competence increase, the experiment team has gained much deeper understanding in virtualization in general and hypervisors in particular. The PLAMICS experiment team has had several interactions with the CPSELabs design centre and mechatronics and embedded control systems group at KTH during the course of the project, which has been beneficial both for the experiment and for the design centre.


Retotech have identified several new business opportunities that have been made possible thanks to the project. Several existing customers have expressed strong interest in the new platform and new services such as training courses, providing debug support, service packages associated with the PLAMICS functionality. The resulting software artefacts have been made publicly available, thus contributing to the CPS open-source eco system on a large scale.

Retotech estimates that the sum of new turnover and profit / year as a result of PLAMICS is as follows:

  • 2018. €30.000 yearly turnover, €10.000 yearly profit
  • 2019. €150.000 yearly turnover, €50.000 yearly profit
  • 2020-21. €300.000 yearly turnover, €100.000 yearly profit
  • 2022-23. €500.000 yearly turnover, €170.000 yearly profit

New employment within the company will be required with 1-2 new developers / year.


The experiment output in terms of open source software artefacts is publicly available online.

Retotech offers a range of new services to their customers based on the PLAMICS project including training courses, debug support and service packages.

Design centre

This experiment is supported by our Sweden design centre

Sweden design centre

Technology platforms

  • FreeRTOS
  • Jailhouse


Retotech Logo


1st Nov 2016 - 31st Oct 2017
Funded under: CPSE Labs Call 3