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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

4MOB-AIRMAN (Value chain completion for robots in airfield management)

This experiment aims at securing the design of the 4MOB robotic mobile platform and at assessing the safety of this design for one safety critical operation: the maintenance and control of the lighting system on an airport runway. It will be focussed on the use of the SMOF and Altarica methods to respectively add safety monitors in the 4MOB platform and to assess the safety level of the resulting platform.

Current situation

The integration of autonomous vehicles in highway traffic or civil drones in air traffic brings new challenges for the next 10 years in the high-tech industry. By getting experience and feedback on this experiment, LGM and Sterela will be able to provide important input for the future of autonomous systems and for their deployment.

Providing a safe mobile robot in cases like the inspection of an airport lightning system is a very challenging project, and this is the reason why the competencies of the French CPSE Lab are strategic for Sterela. In terms of Safety Engineering, the Sterela-LGM proposal shall implement innovative methodologies and tools from the French Design Center to conduct and assess all Safety implementations of an autonomous robotic application.

This experiment will provide LGM with an additional and considerable expertise in embedded critical systems, implementing Model-Based Safety Assessment (e.g. AltaRica) for autonomous robotics, as well as an overview of current regulations for autonomous systems within the airfield management sector.


The experiment is carried on by Sterela SME, LGM company and the French CPSE-Labs design centre. Sterela is an electronics and mechanics specialist that has designed the 4MOB robotic mobile platform to provide a universal mobility vector for industrial outdoor applications. This platform is meant to be used in complex environments where safety of goods and persons, as well as the mission success are crucial.

LGM is a company with well-established specific expertise in safety engineering for autonomous robotics and safety assessment for aircraft certification, air traffic control and airfield management. A first experiment with CPSE-Labs partner and Sterela showed the applicability of the design centre techniques for safety analysis and software assurance of autonomous vehicle and it raised some recommendations to enable a safe use of 4MOB in wider operational contexts.

This experiment directly exploits these results: Sterela will implement on 4MOB significant complementary safety monitors; LGM will consequently update and mature the initial safety analysis.

Design centre

This experiment is supported by our France design centre

France design centre

Technology platforms



1 Nov 2016 - 31 Oct 2017
Funded under: CPSE Labs Call 3