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Smart Anything Everywhere

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs is part of the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400.

SBVP (Shore Based Voyage Planning)

Problem and solution

The Shore Based Voyage Planning project was introduced to specify and develop an extended service level to the existing vessel distribution service of navigational related data for SOLAS vessels of the companies SevenCs GmbH and ChartWorld GmbH in Hamburg, Germany.

The main focus was to develop a service providing voyage planning data which has prior been processed ashore. The processed data returned to a vessel has already been optimized for the most evident parameters of vessel voyage planning aspects:

  • the generated route for the ECDIS has been approved of being navigational safe on the basis of up-to-date official ENCs chart coverage
  • vessel related parameters (vessel dimension, loading condition) have been recognized for finding the shortest but most cost-efficient route
  • weather forecast data, ice conditions, piracy attacks have been analysed in finding the safest route

The necessary source data for voyage planning processing was collected, analysed and weather data and ships parameters have been pre-processed ashore to provide an almost ready-to-use voyage plan proposal to each individual vessel. This included a dedicated route file to be loaded into the navigational system (ECDIS) on-board.

sailrouter simulator

How did CPSE Labs help?

During the experiment and especially during the internal and sea/vessel trial SevenCs found ways to prove that a service for SBVP - shore based voyage planning is possible and makes sense. Additional research and especially software development for the specific purpose of the data providers and mariners would be necessary to set up a running service either via Maritime Cloud or directly to the consumer.

Especially for the selection of data sources, data conversion facilities and data reliability efforts need to be made in the near future to set up a proposal for an SBVP service.


The Impact and Exploitation of the SBVP-Project is based on the following key facts:

  • IMO assumption about the total number of merchant ships worldwide: 54,897
  • Average cost per manually optimized route: 600 USD
  • Average time required on-board for the creation of a detailed voyage plan: 5 hours (plus 1 hour per week during the voyage)

By running the experiment 7Cs was able to define requirements for different components of the SBVP service were defined Within the experiment the hardware and software infrastructure was determined, actors and their specific tasks identified and use cases developed and refined during the project term. Missing components and components to be refined have been identified and workarounds have been created in order to finally demonstrate the feasibility of such a voyage planning service from ashore. Further reviews and discussions with both potential partners will be continued.


Beside the development and refinement of the SBVP concept, 7Cs was able to conduct a sea trial with one of the potential partners.

Design centre

This experiment is supported by our Germany North design centre

Germany North design centre

Technology platforms

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1st Apr 2016 - 31st Mar 2017
Funded under: CPSE Labs Call 2